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Registration Information

Registration for the Fall 2020 Season Will Open May 27th!

SBSC's player registration platform is powered by Sport Engine (not Cal South).  The platform gives users control over their account and provides additional features like team pages (rosters, schedules, pictures, etc...) and mobile phone access.

If you do not already have a Sports Engine account, you will need to create one - see instructions below.  You will find lots of information about registration and the SBSC on our website.  If you have questions about registration, please contact Nicky Germon (Email Registrar).

Registration Flyer - English

Registration Flyer - Spanish

[NEW] School Year Age Cut Off: Players will be assigned to a division based on the school year. Cal South is allowing rec clubs to return to school year age cut offs to more easily make sure players are in divisions with their classmates. Here's a link to the Division Matrix.

Walk Up Registration: Due to theCOVID-19 virus, we are not able to host walk-up registration - yet. We are working on alternative solutions.

Scholarships:  A limited number of partial scholarships are available.  The SBSC asks for a minimal payment of $50 per player.  Before registering online, please contact Nicky Germon (Email Registrar) to request a scholarship.

Registration Terms include:

  • Birth Certificates: New players must submit a copy of their birth certificate to SBSC for age verification.
  • Waiting List: Players registered after July 15th will be placed on a waiting list.  Please check with the Division Coordinator or Registrar regarding openings.
  • Play Up Requests:  Must be made in writing to SBSC’s Registrar and must be approved by the Division Coordinators and Registrar.
  • Specific Team / Coach Request: For divisions U8 and older, it is SBSC’s policy to not accept requests for players to be placed on a team with a specific coach or other player.
  • Refund Policy (link to policy): There will be no refunds after August 31st.  Through July 31st, the SBSC will refund 100% of the amount paid. Thereafter and through August 31st, the SBSC will refund 50% of the registration fee.
  • Electronic Legal Agreements ("ELA") / Acknowledgements: Cal South has a number of ELAs some of which are new this year. ELAs include, concussion and head injury, sudden cardiac arrest, prescription opioids, and safe sport.

Age Groups / Divisions by Birth Year (Calendar Year)

In 2016, U.S. Soccer and Cal South (our governing organizations) mandated a change in which age groups / divisions will be created based on calendar years (birth years) rather than the school year. As a result, some grades are listed in two divisions with most of the grade playing in the younger division.

These changes have been implemented throughout the U.S. to be more aligned with other soccer leagues around the world.  All U.S. clubs (recreational and competitive) are making the change to calendar years.  The primary impact will be felt by kids with birthdays between September 1st and December 31st.

It is important to know that kids will continue to play with and against other kids in their age range.  The beginning and end of the age range has just shifted. 

Our plan is to try our best to organize teams based on grade level.  Please contact our Registrar (Email Nicky Germon) or a Division Coordinator if you have questions about registration and / or your child's division.  List of SBSC contacts can be found at this link.

School Year Age Age during Season Grades in Fall 2019 Division Players on the Field
9/2/2013 to 9/1/2015 5 - 6 K & 1 U7 / Micro 4 vs 4
9/2/2012 to 9/1/2013 7 2 U8 7 vs 7
9/2/2010 to 9/1/2012 8 - 9 3 - 4 U10 7 vs 7
9/2/2008 to 9/1/2010 10 - 11 5 - 6 U12 9 vs 9
9/2/2006 to 9/1/2008 12 - 13 7 - 8 U14 11 vs 11
9/2/2004 to 9/1/2006 14 - 15 9 - 10 U16 11 vs 11
9/2/2002 to 9/1/2004 16 - 18 11 - 12 U19 11 vs 11

2020 Registration Information

Registration Will Open Around May 26th!

  1.  Register Online:  It is easy to register online.  The link and instructions are in the center column of this page.
  2.  Mail-In:  You can download the registration form and fill it out.  See instructions on the right side of this page.
  3.  Walk-Up Registration:  Unfortunately due to COVID-19 virus, we are not able to host a walk-up registration event.

Fees:  The registration fees for the 2020 season are:

  • $210 through July 31st
  • $285 thereafter

Divisions (New Age Cut Off):   Players will be assigned to a division based on the school year. Cal South is allowing rec clubs to return to school year age cut offs to more easily make sure players are in divisions with their classmates.  Please click this link (Divisions) for a chart showing division assignments.  If you have any questions, please contact SBSC's Registrar or a Division Coordinator.

Play Up Requests:  Please refer to the SBSC's Play Up Request Policy.  Parents / Guardians may send request in writing (by mail or email) to the SBSC's Registrar.


Questions about Registration

Please contact SBSC's Registrar (Nicky Germon) or age appropriate Division Coordinator with any registration questions.

Refund Policy

Please refer to the SBSC Refund Policy. There will be NO refunds of registration fees after August 31st. For the 2020 season, through July 31st, the SBSC will refund 100% of the registration fee paid. Thereafter and through August 31st, the SBSC will refund 50% of the registration fee.

Specific Team / Coach Requests

For U7 / Micro:  SBSC will accept requests for players to be placed on a team with another player or with a particular coach.  We will do our best to honor such requests.

For U8 and older:  SBSC's policy is not to accept a request for a player to be placed on the same team as another player, except (1) in the case of siblings of the same gender in the same division or  (2) where the parents of the players have volunteered to serve as head and assistant coach of the same team (each team has only 1 head coach and only 1 assistant coach).

For U8 and Older: It is SBSC's policy to not accept requests for a child to be placed on the team of a specific coach.

How to Create a Sports Engine Account

You will need to log into your Sports Engine account or create one before registering.  At the top of the screen, you should see a link to become a "member."

Also, the registration system seems to work best using the Firefox or Chrome browsers.

You will first be asked to create a Sport Ngin account (link to instructions) and then follow the registration instructions.


Please refer to the SBSC's Scholarship Policy.  The SBSC offers partial scholarships to families in need.  Before registering online, please contact the SBSC’s Registrar (Email Registrar) to request a scholarship or for more information.

Mail-In Registration Instructions

  1.  Complete the CalSouth Registration Form
  2.  Print
  3.  Sign and Date
    • Must be signed by parent or guardian since form also acts as Medical Release and Waiver
  4.  Make check out to Solana Beach Soccer
  5.  Include "Play-Up Request" (if applicable)
  6.  Include request for scholarship (if applicable)
  7. Download and read information sheet about concussions (Link to Concussion Information Sheet) and sign the last page acknowledging you have reviewed the information. Here is a link to the Concussion Information Sheet in Spanish.
  8.  Mail to:

Solana Beach Soccer Club
P.O. Box 409
Solana Beach, CA 92075

Don't forget to Sign and Date the form!