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Creating Teams / Practices

Creating Teams / Practices

How will I be placed on a team (U7 / Micro)?

The Division Coordinators for U7 / Micro will accept requests (e.g., to play with a friend or for a certain coach).  We do our best to accommodate requests.

How will I be placed on a team (U8 and older)?

Considerable effort is made to balance teams in a division to provide competition that is enjoyable for both players and parents.  We consider player ratings from last season as well as trying to have a balance between older and younger players on each team. 

Can I be on a team with all my friends (U8 and older)?

The short answer is no.  Our most important goal in making player assignments is balancing the teams to provide competition that is enjoyable for everyone involved.  There are two exceptions: (1) siblings of the same gender and same division may play on the same team and (2) where the parents of the players have volunteered to serve as head coach and assistant coach (each team may have one head coach and one assistant coach).

Why can’t I choose who I want to be on a team with?

Considering requests could result in teams that are not balanced.  In addition, it would also make the process unnecessarily complicated and make the team selection process significantly more difficult for our Division Coordinators.

How many practices per week will there be?

Each team typically practices once a week.  Coaches usually pick a day, time and location that fits their schedule.  Practices typically last 1 to 1.5 hours.

When will I find out what team I am on?

Player Selection/Team pick night takes place in late July / early August.  Shortly thereafter, coaches will receive their rosters.  We will also make an “announcement” on our website.