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When does registration begin?  How do I register?

  • Registration typically opens in the first half of April.  “Early Bird” registration usually ends in mid-June after which registration fees increase.
  • You may register online, by mail, or in person at the SBSC’s walk-in registration day, which is typically held in late April / early May.
  • The SBSC will make “announcements” on our home page.  In addition, we will send emails to returning families and will distribute flyers to local schools.
  • You can find detailed information under the “Registration” tab on our website.

What divisions are available and how do I know to which one a player will be assigned?

We know kids want to play with their friends. The club initially assigns players to divisions based on the school year grade assignment that corresponds to their date of birth.

Are birth certificates required to register?

New players must submit a copy of their birth certificate to SBSC’s registrar for age verification.

What is the SBSC’s refund policy?  

Requests for a refund must be sent (email or by mail) to the SBSC’s Registrar.

  • There will be NO refunds of registration fees after August 31st.  
  • Up to and including July 15th, SBSC will refund the registration fee less a $10 administrative fee.
  • Thereafter and through August 31st, the SBSC will refund 50% of the registration fee.
  • Please refer to our Refund Policy, a link to which can be found under the ‘Registration’ tab on our website.

Additional Note:  If a player requesting a refund received a scholarship, the amount of the scholarship will be deducted from the refund owed.

What is the SBSC’s Play Up Policy?

It is the policy of the SBSC to have players assigned to Divisions based on their birth year.

  • Requests to have a player assigned to an older division (a “play-up”) must be submitted in writing by a parent or guardian to the Registrar.
  • Play-up requests to enable a player to play with his or her school grade will, generally, be approved by the Registrar unless he or she is aware of extenuating circumstances (e.g., a significant disparity in physical size or playing ability) in which case, the play-up request will be forwarded to the Board for its decision.
  • Play-up requests based on exceptional player skill must include a written recommendation from the player’s most recent coach. These requests will be forwarded by the Registrar to the Board for its decision. The Board will take into consideration the coach’s recommendation, past player evaluations and other factors bearing on the player’s skill, physical and social maturity to assure that a play-up is in the best interests of the player and the Club.
  • Play-up requests for any other reasons (e.g., for purposes of completing teams so that registered players will not have to be turned away) will be forwarded to the Board for its decision.
  • Board or Registrar action on play-up requests will be communicated to the parent or guardian making the request by the Registrar or, if requested by the Registrar, by a Division Coordinator.