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The SBSC loves its coaches!  You do not need to have played professional soccer or even know much about soccer in order to coach.  Some important skills include (1) having good communication and listening skills, (2) leading by example (respect for referees, other team, etc....), (3) empower players to do the best they can, (4) enthusiasm,  (5) understanding the basics of the game, and (6) having FUN!!!!!

For Micro (U7), a team can have a head coach and several assistant coaches.

For U8 and older divisions, our policy is teams may have one head coach and one assistant coach.

The SBSC supports coaches with articles, links to videos, and emailing lesson plans.  Please consider volunteering!

How to Become a Coach

If you are a returning coach, please go through steps 1 and 2 below.  If you are a new coach (head or assistant), there is a five (5) step process summarized below.  Here's a link to Coach Packet 2018 that has more how-to details.

  1. Notify the age group Division Coordinator and Registrar that you are interested in coaching (See the Board Contacts page.)
  2. Register (online) to be a coach. You can find a link under the “Coaches” tab on our website. Coaches will register directly through Cal South (Affinity).
  3. Complete the CalSouth Licensing ("4v4" License) Process (entirely online).  It is important to start the process through Cal South so that your Cal South profile will be updated when you complete the course. (For an overview of the process see the New Coach Information Package documents below).  The SBSC will happily reimburse the $25 fee.  We are working on purchasing vouchers to eliminate the need for coaches to request reimbursement. Please contact SBSC's treasurer to request reimbursement.
    • The following link (Step-by-Step Guide) will take you to the page on CalSouth’s website with instructions. 
  4. Complete LiveScan (fingerprinting & background check). Bring two copies of the Live Scan Form (see link below) to a LiveScan Location. SBSC will reimburse the $20 fee. (Note: SBSC will host a LiveScan session at the team pick night in July.)
  5. Complete Course on Concussions: SBSC uses a course provided by the National Federation of High Schools (“NFHS”).  Contact SBSC’s Registrar or Coaching Coordinator to receive a link to the course. The course takes about 20-30 minutes to complete.  After completing the course, save the certificate and email to SBSC’s Registrar.


Other Coaching Resources

The SBSC has a subscription to "Soccer 101" which is a service that send a weekly email to coaches with an age appropriate practice plan.  The plans include diagrams as well as videos.

Below are links to additional resources.

Coach Registration Instructions

Coach registration will be in the "Affinity" / Cal South system.  The system tracks the licensing and risk management status for each coach.  The process should only take a few minutes.

The following link will take you to instructions. 

Coach Registration Instructions


2018 Coach Registration Now Open!

Equipment, Uniforms & Schedules

Coach's Bag:  Each coach will be provided a "Coach's Bag" of goodies, which will include soccer balls, mini ball pump, pinnies, cones, goalie shirt and first aid kit.

Uniforms: Game uniforms (with shorts and socks) will be distributed by the end of August.

Game Schedules:  Links to schedules will be published by the end of August.


Practice Fields

Read the Field Information guide to find out how to reserve a practice field, what happens with Daylight Savings, how to prepare a field for play, restroom availability and so much more!
Instructions are included on the form.  Please contact our Practice Field Coordinator with any questions.

Latest Coaching News

  • New "4v4" Coaching License: US Soccer has adopted and Cal South has implemented a new licenses for recreational and competitive/club coaches.  Recreational coaches will now need to go through a "4v4" class.  The “4v4” license is a 2-hour online course, providing instruction in recreational coaching and teaching methodology.
  • "F" License Holders:  If you have an "F" license, you will not need to take the "4v4 course.
  • Cal South Recreational Soccer Page:  Cal South has a new page designed to support coaches.  There are links to division specific practice drill ideas (videos).  Click here to go to page.
  • U.S. Soccer Changes in 2016:  U.S. Soccer and CalSouth approved a player development initiative.  This includes changing to "birth year" registration and reducing the number of players on the field in U8, U10 and U12.
  • Concussion Module:  Every year, coaches will be required to re-take the concussion module.  There is no charge for this part of the license process.
  • Team Pages: The new website platform provides each team with a team page.  In addition, the platform will provide mobile access to your team page.  Stay tuned for more information.


Getting Ready for the Season

A critical part of a successful season is communication. As a coach, you need to be certain that you, your players, and their parents are all aware of the objectives of the SBSC. Your season will be most successful if you maintain a consistent flow of information throughout the season by working with your Assistant Coach and team parent to provide key information as it becomes available.  Here is a link (Season Preparation) with some suggestions

Playing Time

The SBSC policy is play each player at least 50% of the game time.


Peter Schmid Sportsmanship Award

This is an award based on citizenship, helpfulness, attitude, loyalty and attendance. Please fill out the Nomination Form for the player that you think best meets these qualifications. If there are any questions, please contact our Award Coordinator.

Scott Billington Memorial Award

The Scott Billington Memorial Award honors Scott’s leadership and invaluable contributions made to the community, and in particular to the SBSC.  The recipient(s) are honored for their leadership and selfless enthusiasm and whose contributions to the SBSC honor Scott’s spirit.  The award will be presented at the SBSC Annual General Meeting, which is typically held in late February or early March.  (read more)